How to extract text and images from your PDF files

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If you’re looking to extract text and images from your PDF files effortlessly, the PDF Extractor app offers a straightforward solution. In this blog post, I’ll guide you through the process of using this app to enhance your productivity and data management.

Getting Started with PDF Extractor

First, download the PDF Extractor from the  Apple App Store. Once installed, open the app on your device.

Extracting Text

1. Open your PDF: Start by loading the PDF file from which you want to extract text.

2. Select Text Extraction: Choose the ‘Extract Text’ option. For power users, the app allows copying extracted text directly to the clipboard, making it easy to use elsewhere.

Extracting Images

1. Choose the Image Extraction Option: If you need images, select ‘Extract Images’.

2. High-Resolution Outputs: The app supports extraction of high-resolution images, which ensures that the quality of the extracted images remains top-notch.

Additional Features

• Rich Text Extraction: You can extract text in rich format, allowing for more complex document management.

• Compression Options: Both extracted texts and images can be compressed into zip files, facilitating easier sharing and storage.

Final Thoughts

PDF Extractor is a robust tool designed for both casual users and professionals. It simplifies the process of extracting information from PDFs, making it a valuable tool in your digital toolkit.

For more detailed instructions and additional features, visit the page for PDF Extractor.

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