Rumors about upcoming WWDC 2024

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At the upcoming WWDC 2024, scheduled to start on June 10, Apple is expected to announce several exciting updates and features. Here are some of the key rumors and expectations:

  1. iOS 18: This update is anticipated to be significant, potentially featuring major AI integrations to enhance functionalities such as message writing and playlist creation. There are also speculations about a revamped design, improved customization options, and new accessibility features​ (TechRadar)​​ (LaptopMag)​.
  2. macOS 15: Likely to be introduced with new UI improvements and quality-of-life updates for key apps like Safari and the Calculator app. Potential names for this update include landmarks like Diablo, Condor, and Tiburon​ (LaptopMag)​.
  3. watchOS 11: Expected to have minor updates but may incorporate new AI functionalities. There are rumors of new health monitoring features, such as hypertension and sleep apnea detection​ (TechRadar)​​ (iMore)​.
  4. visionOS 2: Following the release of the Vision Pro headset, visionOS 2 is expected to be unveiled with enhancements aimed at improving the user experience and addressing initial feedback​ (LaptopMag)​.
  5. Other Updates: We might also see updates for tvOS and iPadOS 18, which will likely include similar AI features as iOS 18. Additionally, new software updates for MacBooks and other Apple devices are anticipated​ (iMore)​.

Overall, AI appears to be a central theme across all updates, with a focus on enhancing user interaction and device capabilities. For more details, you can refer to sources like TechRadar and iMore.

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